Our warriors are the epitome of courage, representing active military and first responders bravely battling cancer. Through Thin Blue Ride’s aid, we stand in solidarity with these heroes, offering vital support as they navigate their challenging journey. Together, let’s honor their unwavering dedication and resilience with the assistance they need during this difficult time.

Our warriors, facing the challenging battle against cancer, exemplify unmatched strength and resilience. They inspire us with their courage and determination, reminding us of the unwavering fortitude within the human spirit.

Kenneth Fournier
Former Air Force Para Rescue

Marco Cirillo
Son of Worcester PD Officer

Sean Sullivan
Police Officer • Worcester PD

Justin Barnhart
Navy Veteran

Correctional Officer

Rick Noonan
Officer • Worcester PD

Benjamin Campbell
Deputy Sheriff • Worcester County

Young Warrior

Trooper • MA State Police

Rich Reddick
Officer • Southbridge PD

Joshua Durbin
SSG • US Army Veteran

Jason Ullo
Army Veteran • Austin TX SWAT

Olivia Recos
Daughter of Paxton Police Officer

Young Warrior

Dan Cronin
Officer • Shrewsbury PD

Casey West
Veteran • USMC

In memory of our fallen warriors, whose sacrifices will forever be honored, we pay tribute to their unwavering dedication and service. Their legacy lives on in the hearts of those they served and protected, inspiring us to uphold their noble ideals.

Angelo “AJ” Lapanna III
Lt. • Middleboro PD • Veteran

Jon “PBR” DuClau AKA “Dookie”
Sgt • U.S. Army

Brett Byler
Police Officer

Maureen Wesinger-Lewis
Sgt • MA State Police

Iggy Garcia
Officer • Worcester PD

Maria Lazzarevich
Spouse of Army Soldier

I cannot fully express how much the support of Thin Blue Ride and Jonathan Daige has meant to my family. You were there for us during the hardest moments of our lives. While my husband, Angelo J. Lapanna III, was fighting the hardest battles of his life and the bills were piling up, your organization was able to help ease the financial strain of those bills so we could focus on AJ and each other. I also want to acknowledge Jonathan for being such a source of inspiration to AJ. Your own battles with cancer and your determination to never give in, to make yourself as healthy and strong as possible while being a devoted family man were something AJ spoke about often. You were there for him and us as he courageously fought his battle with cancer and for our family after he passed away. I can never thank you enough. Your organization and support meant the world to AJ and to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Traci L.

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